Film production schedules and guinea foul eggs

The film location: exotic; the costing: tight; the anticipation: huge! As part of an extensive corporate video project, I was sent, together with my production coordinator Kathrin, to Ghana, West Africa.

Conduct interviews, shoot footage, spend nine days on the road with the camera team living in each others’ pockets – all of this was clear before the journey began. The German filming schedule worked out, the budget approved, the flights booked, the team briefed; we flew south full of enthusiasm.

Ghana3However at 40 degrees in the shade, almost 100% humidity, kerosene mixtures instead of petrol in the tank, improvised custom posts in otherwise uninhabited regions, torrential rain, vehicle breakdowns in Accra, crocodiles by the wayside and distances of up to 700 km in one day on unpaved dust tracks: our German schedule was certainly put to the test.


We were able to stick to our plan – against all odds – and were rewarded for doing so. With dancing market women who had never seen a camera crew in their lives. With authentic stories and spectacular images. With the blessing of the village elders for a successful shoot. With five cassava roots and a bowl of guinea fowl eggs – as a thankyou for our long journey, for our interest and for our work. And with some impressive videos as a result. One of these can be seen here:

My colleague Thomas has composed some other interesting reports about the shoot on the SAP TV blog.