Delivering Tomorrow. The future in 3D.

No-one knows what the future will bring and yet merited experts continue to develop scenarios in their various studies to show us how our world could look and function in a few decades’ time. The Deutsche Post DHL is also focusing on the future with a topic that is of special interest to them: logistics in the year 2050. The related study presents five possible “worlds”, which we were able to bring to life using film.


3D animations and the photo-realistic overlay optics were used in five different “Look & feel dramaturgies” to create the first impressions of how things might be in 38 years’ time. The challenge for this production was largely due to adapting the screenplay and working out the imagery afterwards. Creativity versus comprehensibility; design versus didactics. For us, it represented a nail-biting ride between art-house production and the adaptation of the design to the use of media compatible for the masses. It involved conveying heavy content in easy-to-understand, accessible visualisations, which evoked different associations for everyone in the project team. The result: the coordination process was a real “challenge”.

Szenaria01_StillThe sound and the emotive musical composition carry the storyline of these futuristic scenarios as much as the different colour palettes and stylings.

We have created this production in nine languages: German, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. The Deutsche Post DHL campaign page contains various downloads relating to the study, as well as a blog, polls, a Facebook link, photographs and footage which may be used on TV.