One-day advertisement for the Querdenker Club


The production of advertisements is a broad field and one that always carries the stigma “…that will be expensive”. Small and medium-sized businesses, smaller institutions and associations with pockets that are not so deeply lined either do not dare approach the issue or are faced with results with a high potential for embarrassment. 

Our TV advertising production team worked in this field for the Querdenker Club. With over 200,000 interdisciplinary decision-makers and creative movers and shakers (according to its own figures), the Querdenker Club is one of the largest economic associations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If you are one of those who has never heard of this association, then you are precisely the target audience of the advert. It was produced to raise greater awareness about the club amongst the public.

The big challenge during production was the limited time available for shooting. This 30-second advert was created on an evening, during an event at the Bavaria Film premises, in just 3 hours of shooting.

The actors, including Hannes Jaenicke and Florian Langenscheidt, had just 25 minutes– they were the honorary guests at the evening event and also had to appear on stage.

By using the resources and facilities available at the Bavaria Film premises (studio, camera and lighting equipment, crew and postproduction), it was possible for one service provider to carry out this entire project completely on location in one day.

The advertisement will soon be broadcast on german news tv station NTV.