Bouncing Image Capture

The Commercial shooting in Studio 6. Focuses on the bright-illuminated, 170 square metre wide set and its main actor: a brand-new BMW 3 Gran Turismo. As is usually the case in fashion model shooting, the vehicle has been perfectly spotlighted from every side. There were beauty-shots in front of a neutral background, long shots and close-ups. Shots, which are not possible everywhere. Studio size and setting have to match. The studio offers the profound basis required for such a complex commercial shooting.


In early 2013, Studio 6 was upgraded to become a multifunctional studio to allow the special demands for commercial shootings. Its core highlight is a 13 x 13 metre wide and 6 metre tall infinity cove. Its standard colour is white but it can also receive a different colour paint, as desired. Included into the standard equipment are basic lighting as well as a 12 x 6 metre wide textile sail. This makes the studio one of the largest, ready-to-shoot and best equipped studios in Munich.

When modernizing the studio, a high-quality, camera-friendly studio floor was layed to allow camera moves without dolly rails. In contrast to traditional studios, the use of this studio has been specified to provide, in particular, the presentation of big motives. Bavaria Film Interactive were the first to make use of these skills for a commercial shooting for BMW. “We tried everything that will be a must in the future”, says executive producer Florian Wein. To him, the studio with its rigid infinity cove provides simply the ideal conditions. “Especially when you want to capture and record product images of superior automobile brands, the setting has to guarantee an image capture of every size car”, he recommends. No problem, there’s even enough space for a BMW 7 series. „We wanted to show the car in a rotating movement”, Wein recalls.

The car was presented on a turning table in front of a neutral, white background. The aim was to achieve a superior quality product film on a commercial level with continuous colouring and an evenly cast shadow. The bigger the infinity cove is, the more easy you find it to eliminate the camera from fail-shooting beyond the bounce wall. The more the colour framing and the presentation produced in the bounce wall correspond to the final image in the film, the easier it is to process the captured objects in the following post.


The studio interior provides sufficient space which allows you to drive the complete equipment inside. In our case, the car itself were driven into the studio on a lorry. A third of the studio space is used for the infinity cove and the remaining space can be used for producing purposes or to deposit equipment. The closeness to other facilities are the appreciated advantages when shooting in the facilities of the Bavaria Film Studios. Also the fact that the studios, being concepted as film studios, are all soundproof. You would not find all these conditions anywhere else.

The side rooms, make-up room, catering, lounge room, all are state-of-the-art. “A very inviting ambience, a standard the client expects these days”, emphasizes Wein. “We can organize a commercial shot like this one within a week”, says the producer. “Our longtime experience in the automobile industry enables us to start shooting only a few days after we receive the order. Two weeks later, we are able to present the result to our clients. Which means, within a month we can produce a superior quality product film.”

text: Marc Haug, photos: Florian Wein