Boat to boat instead of car to car: BMW Marine 507

When filming for BMW we normally film with a camera car. Mid-September 2014 we had a completely different approach. The star of our production was the BMW Marine 507 speedboat, built in 1957.

Built in a joint venture between BMW and the shipyard Rambeck it was believed to be long lost. Now it has been restored to its full beauty. Just as in the past, the heart of the boat is comprised by a BMW V8 engine. The steering wheel and ventilation slots are original parts of the BMW 507 Roadster that were provided exclusively from BMW. Because our shoot was mainly on water we decided on two auxiliary tools, an aerial camera drone and a secondary electric boat.


Thanks to the DJI Ronin camera stabilizer we were able to shoot stable images from our secondary electric boat. We filmed all kinds of dolly images, which can normally only be achieved by car to car shoots on the race track. With all this and of course the glorious weather we had, we were able to create beautiful images that can be seen on Youtube.com/bmw.