Trifecta for the King

Bavaria Film Interactive is happy for our third silver prize for the King! Meant is of course our spot about the BMW Concept M4 Coupé – LONG LIVE THE KING. What better occasion than to offer you an exclusive insight into the production of this spot.

It is the third time this year that a jury awarded us with a silver trophy for this film. Following the intermedia-globe Silver and the Silver Dolphin in Cannes, we now received the W³ Award, also in silver. This prize is especially awarded for excellence in online media creativity. I.e. we are extremely happy because this prize awards us: the creative guys behind the scenes.

intermedia-globe Silver | Silver Dolphin | W3 Award Silver

Two shooting days, one flooded concert hall, two Arri Alexa’s, one camera car, nine drivers, eight BMW M3’s and one brand new BMW Concept Car. For a concept car shoot, this is a relatively large production value with lots of invested time and effort. Now seeing that all the hard work is honored and the audience really enjoys the final product, it was well worth it.


The biggest challenge of this production was the coordination of the nine cars needed for our guard-honor-choreography and that we had very little time to plan everything: the concept car was scheduled to leave to pebble beach in the evening of our second shooting day.
There it was being eagerly awaited by journalist for its world premiere at the „Concours d’Elegance“.
Also, not to forget the emissions created by ten running vehicles, including our camera car, in a closed off hall. After mastering the tight time restraints and our CO2 problems, we completed our shoot successfully and were able to start with the postproduction on time. Thanks to our experienced team of director and editors, we were able to complete the entire postproduction process, including the color grading and Music composition, in record time. And as always, with the quality and creativity expected by our clients.

Our client was happy, we were happy. What else can you expect of such a project?

For everyone that hasn’t seen the final film and for everyone who wants to see it again, here it is: