Much Ado About Nothing – A Visit at the CMCX in Munich

Whether it was the citywide advertising in Munich, the omnipresent marketing on the Internet (“Europe’s supposedly biggest content marketing event”) or the current hype about the topic ‘content’ – I had high expectations for the Content Marketing Conference & Exposition (CMCX) held in Munich. Much too high, as it turned out.

The question how videos can be used profitably in company communications prompted me to look for new ideas at the CMCX. It should end up being a long search as the event approached the topic ‘content’ in a very generalised way. This was reflected in the exhibitors as well as the lectures. Of course, it’s correct that every blog post, tweet, all corporate website texts, photos etc. can be summarized under the buzz word ‘content’ and should be mentioned. But the consequence was that the area of ​​motion picture was only one of many and therefore very limited. Instead of the detailed information we had hoped for and discussions about topics like ‘corporate video’ and ‘contemporary storytelling in the age of YouTube’, the event merely scraped the surface of those subjects.

My conclusion: At a trade fair, which deals widely with the topic ‘content’, you can only expect a few inspirations at best. If you don’t only want to scrape the surface, you need to look for conversations with experts of each content format outside of the fair. But above all, be ready to answer one question clearly: Who is my target group? This question turned out to be a quintessence across all content formats.

In the end, I came home with at least one inspiration: A speaker reminded me of the topic “content recycling“. This means to dig up older topics and explore what has happened in the meantime. This can also be applied to film contents.