Content is King, Distribution is Queen – and She Wears the Pants?

Who would not want their elaborately produced video to also be a success on the web? A video that is often clicked, shared and liked? This happens – contrary to widespread belief – rarely by chance. Rather, precise planning (“seeding”) is behind it, because the competition never sleeps. 300 hours of video material are being uploaded on YouTube every minute!

You Need a Plan
Of course, there’s the chance hit, but it’s rare. Better focus on a distribution plan to take full advantage of the potential of moving images. And this potential is enormous: Every month 3.25 billion hours of video are being watched on YouTube. 4.38 million people subscribe to the RedBull brand channel as of December 2015 for example. Millions of people are registered for social networks, most of them with Facebook: around 1 billion people use the social media platform every day. Each minute they give 4 million ‘likes’. So, what do you wait for?

Get to Know your Target Group
Finally. The film has gone through all stages of approval. It’s a finished product! And of course, you’d like to watch it online quickly and present the YouTube link to colleagues and superiors. It’s also so easy to upload: just press ‘enter’ and voilà the video is online. It’s so fast – there was not even time to plan! As a result, social media channels are being used, such as company-specific YouTube channels or Facebook pages, where it’s not at all clear whether the desired target group is using them as well. And even worse, if your film competes with other corporate videos on these channels and has to fight for a playlist spot. Mobile use is also sometimes ignored. Again, not a smart move if you look at mobile usage data: 823 million people use Facebook’s mobile application. 47 percent of users access the platform exclusively from their mobile phones. And: 85 percent watch videos without sound! The investment in an additional edit with extensive text footage is therefore worthwhile.

But not only where, but also when is a decisive factor. When does the video reach the target group best: in the morning, around noon or in the evening? On a Monday or better on a Saturday? For social media giant Facebook, for example, posts that go online on a Thursday or Friday reach the highest feedback. Find out what applies to your target group!

Also pay attention to the timetable within your company: is there a risk that the emotional film about corporate social responsibility (CSR) will be pushed out the next day by a current event coverage? Or is it worthwhile investing in a series of videos to tie the audience in over a longer period of time?

The movie project is not finalized when the latter has been approved. Think about the distribution from the beginning and invest around 20 per cent of your scheduled time planning distribution. This way, you can keep all possibilities for the distribution open and can safely reach the desired results. Production plan and distribution plan should always go hand in hand and not one after the other.

After All: Well Briefed is Half the Battle Won!

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