Moving Images in Employer Branding Part I: Video – an Effective Instrument in the “War for Talent”

It finally happened in mid-2016: YouTube cracked the 1 billion users. This corresponds to nearly one third of all Internet users! These users watch 1 billion hours of YouTube per day and generate billions of clicks. More than half of all these clicks are made via mobile devices. Numbers that will leave anyone feel stunned.

Growing Popularity of Online Video Content
US IT-company Cisco describes the importance of moving images in a study: according to the so-called Cisco Visual Networking Index, about 68% of the world’s private internet traffic is now in the category ‘video’. Essential driver is the growing popularity of online video content. Video is already responsible for approximately 60% of the world’s data volume. Cisco estimates that in 2020 video content will account for 75% of mobile traffic. In Germany, already about 15.5 million users prefer viewing online videos on their mobiles.

The Use of Videos in Employer Branding
Jobseekers and applicants nowadays search for information on their mobiles whilst out and about, in order to send an application from their home office later. 87% of under 30-year-old internet users stream videos. That makes it a logical consequence that more executives should use video elements in their employer branding. This includes measures designed to build and maintain an employer brand. The aim is to be perceived as an attractive employer, in order to attract more employees and retain their long-term commitment

In the “War for Talent” the job offer equals a product offer – with the applicants on the consumer side. The more comprehensive, appealing and varied the presented information is, the better they feel and experience the selection process. Videos have the advantage that they can easily convey a positive image of the company, the job as well as future colleagues. They also score as they potentially reach a high number of viewers.

Infografik Video Recruiting

(Source: stellenanzeigen.de)

Videos Increase Visibility of Employment Offer
Videos can help increase the visibility of an employment offer in the generation that views “web videos” and thus reach more suitable candidates. This said, sufficient thought needs to go into the idea and concept phase to make this work and to actually realize what a company wants to convey and achieve with the moving picture. With the help of employer branding and human resources, the following objectives can usually be achieved:

  • Emotionalisation of the external presentation of a company’s culture.
  • Audiovisual insight into an organisation’s learning and every day culture.
  • The presentation of possible career paths.

What Videos Can Achieve for Employer Branding

  • Make the employer brand and company culture more tangible / experienceable.
  • Showcase mission, strengths / advantages, work place(s), organisational diversity.
  • Communicate benefits – especially intangible ones – that go beyond the “standard offer”.
  • Build trust through authenticity, credibility and transparency in the target groups.

Information, that is summarised and conveyed well, an individualised presentation of a company and personally addressing an applicant considerably enhance an employer’s appeal. The return on investment when employing videos does not only extend to the employer itself but also to the company’s products and brand(s). Or in other words, at the same time you make an investment in the organisation’s reputation management.

In the second part of this series, we will look at which video formats are particularly suitable for employer branding purposes.