“Ideas set in motion”: Bavaria Film with New Image Film

From late 2016 Bavaria Film has presented itself with a new brand, a contemporary as well as innovative new presence in the market. Through a retouch of the logo, the new motto “Ideas set in motion” and the relaunch of the website bavaria-film.de, we have given the image of Bavaria Film a further edge and have positioned the company as an attractive motion picture producer in the market.

Apart from the logo retouch, the new motto and the website relaunch, a new image film has also been introduced as one of the essential parts shaping the new brand image. We’ve produced the clip together with Bavaria Film Interactive.

Development and production of an image film are ambitious projects in every company. Not surprisingly perhaps, as the film needs to feature the core branding message of a company and – as the name suggests – establish and convey a company’s image.

A particular challenge in our case was that Bavaria Film oversees several business units. The film’s goal was to showcase all three business units – “Content”, “Rights & Distribution” and “Studios & Services” – and make sure they were all implemented in the film. After all, all employees of the Bavaria Film Group might want to use the film for company presentations, for example. And apart from that it also needed to work for trade fairs as well as for online media such as the Bavaria Film website and social media.

After publishing the film, feedback from the first days showed: Bavaria Film colleagues embraced the film enthusiastically and have already used the clip for presentations. The film has also taken off online: click rates on the website bavaria-film.de are high. On Facebook, the film reached many fans and generated a high number of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ straight away. So, as a result, we couldn’t be happier with our new image clip!

We’d like to emphasize that many subsidiaries within the Bavaria Film Group as well as individuals made voluntary contributions during the production – from lending out camera, light, sound and stage technology to the offer of a whole TV studio, props and equipment, production vehicles, editing and VFX. Therefore, we would like to sincerely thank all our colleagues. The image clip has truly become a film from the whole of the Bavaria Film Group for Bavaria Film.


Dr Sebastian Feuß

Dr Sebastian Feuß,  spokesperson Bavaria Film GmbH

Dr Sebastian Feuß has been the spokesperson for the Bavaria Film Group since 2015. He also heads the company’s PR & Marketing department. Before joining Bavaria Film Group, he worked as an editor at the industry service “Werben & Verkaufen” at publishing house Süddeutsche Verlag focusing on television and film production. Feuß holds a diploma from the Institute of Applied Media Studies at the University of Leipzig. During his studies, he also worked as an editor for the international journalism magazine “Message”.