Moving Images – Employer Branding Part III: The Use of Videos in an Employee’s Journey.

Create more variety and emotions along an employee’s journey. Take advantage of the diverse possibilities of moving images in the individual phases by standing out from a communication point of view, by creating a unique feature and by therefore improving a candidate’s experience!

Phase A: The Decision-Making Process

In this phase, testimonial videos are your best choice as they can be integrated into the career section of your website. In a few words, Maria E. reports what she likes best about her job. It’s a bit like telling a friend of her everyday life. These short, authentic insights are also ideal for spreading them across all social media channels.

As part of job advertisements, videos are able to quickly convey insights into job profiles and to emotionalize them. Recruiting events as well as job and career fairs are another excellent platform to advertise as an employer with the help of videos. These can be an integral part of any stall concept and thus help your company to gain more attention. Even with a lot of clever writing – text only cannot convey the same impressions and emotions as a video.

Example Employee-Testimonial (Customer: Porsche Consulting, Production: Bavaria Film Interactive)

Explain company culture and playfully support the decision-making of applicants.


External example: Interactive Video – Deloitte New Zealand

Phase B: The Application Process

Use explanatory videos, for example in the e-recruiting system, to explain the process to a candidate at the beginning of the application process. During the further communication, films can also provide information instead of or in addition to a written message, thus providing a welcome change. Videos that portray projects can showcase how attractive and diverse a company is and explain the requirements of a position.

Example Executive Recruiting (Customer: SAP, Production: Bavaria Film Interactive)

Phase C: On-Boarding

The employee is on board, but the communication should not cease! Videos are a proven on-boarding tool: For example, to convey general corporate knowledge such as values, core processes, main contacts/departments etc. Above all, dry subjects such as compliance and data protection are made more memorable by explaining them in a video. Any training during the on-boarding process can be supplemented by videos and the management or the HR department can use videos, for example to invite to a newcomer event.

Phase D: The Internal Dialogue

A weekly statement from management, for example including current core messages from the company’s business, does not always have to be distributed as written text in a mail. A short film on the intranet usually scores much higher by showing emotions during an address from the management or board. Videos also work well for the whole field of training and personal development. Training courses can be based on videos or videos can support training courses in a blended learning experience. Moving images increase the attention span of learners and in addition, the knowledge transfer is more intensive – and content becomes more memorable.


The selection of one candidate is never the end of the story, as there’s another selection process around the corner for sure! The use of videos can help you maintain your external as well as your internal talent pool. No other medium can convey a job, a department or work environment as authentically and in such an appealing way as a film – and that without wasting time!

By using videos, you show innovation leadership, you make your job opportunities look more attractive and you build your talent pool. After all, the next search for a candidate is coming sooner than you might think!

Videos can accompany every single phase of a candidate’s journey and make communication so much more enjoyable! Properly implemented and executed, employer branding videos can enhance the identification with an employer, promote a positive attitude towards the employer’s brand and emotionally convey a sense of community to the inside as well as the outside. And at the same time, intangible company values are created.

Example innovation leadership (Cutsomer: SAP, Umsetzung: Bavaria Film Interactive)