Karma – rationally explained

What’s hidden behind the terms “good karma” or “bad karma”? Our video “Karma – rationally explained” provides the answer – short, catchy and entertaining. But the film not only explains the spiritual principle behind karma, it also shows what is possible in the area of digital effects to develop contemporary and entertaining films.

The concept

Designed as an anthology film, it deals with the different aspects of karma. Every aspect has its own episode. Each episode is based on a simple, visually appealing example. When linked to each other, they result in an overall storyline within the main part of the video.

Visual realization

The shooting took place in a white infinity cove. During post-production, we used different compositing techniques to integrate the actors into a landscape folded from origami.
It’s important to evenly illuminate the set. Otherwise, problems can occur with regard to the luma key (effect using the brightness information of an image to create a stencil).
By cleverly applying editing techniques and split screens, the setting appears wider than it actually is. In this way, it’s possible to explain situations visually impressive and faster than in real life. The outcome is a film that has already achieved 100,000 clicks within 6 weeks.


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