Internship at Bavaria Film Interactive

What is an internship at Bavaria Film Interactive like? Moritz experienced it: He accompanied our editors and motion graphic artists and was amazed at their different ways of working. Can creativity really be in the air? She can! Can brainstorming be funny AND efficient? Yes! And: Moritz was in the sacred halls of the FTA (film and theatre equipment).

In “Bavaria Film” most people think of big cinema and TV films or well-known series that are shot here. The versatility of Bavaria with its various subsidiaries is not well known to many. This also applies to my friends to whom I told about my summer holiday internship at BFI. No, I’m not going to “Storm of Love” or “Rosenheim Cops.” BFI makes image films, I corrected again and again and could hardly wait!

The first day
After a short briefing in the coffee machine – to keep my own caffeine level in the green area for the next 6 weeks – I already started: brainstorming in the postproduction. I already knew brainstorming sessions from my school’s Film AG, but I was surprised how much faster, more efficient and still fun such a brainstorming among motion graphic artists and editors is. In just under 30 minutes, a good 20 ideas were collected, which were later evaluated, rejected or worked out.

Creativity is in the air
When I have editorial tasks, I sit in the editorial office. It’s pretty quiet here. This is completely different with motion graphics. It’s a busy place. Ideas buzz through the room; discussions are lively. Creativity is in the air. To my surprise, the projects are progressing quickly despite or perhaps precisely because of this lively exchange.

In the sacred halls
Every now and then my jobs actually lead me to the FTA, the film and theatre equipment! What initially looks like a flea market is in fact an oversized collection of furniture, small props and fabrics. Here you will find shelves full of porcelain – either kitschy as by Grandma Erna or ultramodern as in “The Hunger Games”. Hundreds of different chairs, lamps and toys stand side by side in harmony. To look around these “holy halls” as an intern is something very special!

Of course, not all internships are that exciting. Writing transcripts, for example, can be really tedious – especially if the content is boring. Rewind and rewind tapes again and again and type out what has been said. But hey, everybody has to start small! And I hope very much that I can come back after graduation – again without a storm of love