Cartoon animation vs. live action: Know, how to decide

Present complex topics in a simple manner. Communicate dry information in a fresh way. Who doesn’t want this? Everyone can do boring – especially when it comes to How-To videos! But the decision of working with animation or live action, needs to be carefully considered.

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Say it with cartoons

Mark, a fun guy with great hair and sneakers, explains the topic “secure server connection” to his interested audience. Something that I would need at least 5 minutes for, he can do in 20 seconds. How does it work? Mark is the main character in an illustrated and animated explanatory video (character animation).

Whoever plans an animated explanatory film needs a character like Mark: A person who fits the company, has a certain depth, can be used exclusively and long-term for the company.

Character Animation Bavaria Film Interactive

Mark explains complex topics to his audience*

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