BMW accessories perfectly presented

“Terres Noires – “Black earths” is the mythtical name for the fascinating hilly landscapes of black slate gravel in Provence. This is the setting for the new spot for BMW Accessories and Specialized. An action-packed film that triggers the spirit of adventure in us with breathtaking biking scenes and nature shots. Not only the strong Specialized bikes were perfectly presented. Also impressive: BMW’s stylish and practical accessories such as bicycle holders and floor mats.Continue Reading..


“Something to Do with Media”!

Many dream of a job in the film sector. But does this extend to “Corporate Video”? In a conversation with Lars Reckmann, managing director of Bavaria Film Interactive, we explore what jobs in the film industry are really about, what knowledge someone should bring along, what makes our company so special as an employer and why good coffee in the office can never be good enough.

Mitarbeiter Bavaria Film Interactive

Employees of Bavaria Film Interactive during filming

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Cannes Gold !

Alexander V. Kammel, Kathrina von Langen (Regie), Benedikt Meisenberger (DOP). Photo: Filmservice International/Benjamin Maxant

Alexander V. Kammel, Kathrina von Langen (Regie), Benedikt Meisenberger (DOP). Photo: Filmservice International/Benjamin Maxant

We have won the Golden Dolphin for Best CorporateVideo at the “Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards“. The video “40 years BMW 3 series“ was initiated by BMW Group and produced by Bavaria Film Interactive under the direction of Katharina von Langen.

In the video passionate BMW fans from around the globe answer the question which generation of BMW 3 series is their favorite. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the bestseller fans proudly present their cars and give personal and emotional insights. Within 7 minutes of video Bavaria Film Interactive draws a very distinct picture and thus convinced this year’s jury of “Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards“.

The Austrian agency “Filmservice International“ has been giving the desired award to film producers, customers, agencies, television stations and students since 2010. Corporate videos, online-, media- and TV-documentaries are chief subjects of the event. The winners of the 6th “Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards“ were honored on October 15th at the Palm Beach Cannes as part of a gala dinner. For this event over 270 guests from around the globe have traveled to the Cannes film metropolis.

This year the international prize competition lists a total of record-setting 772 video submissions from all over the world. 152 had been chosen for this competition.

Here’s the link to the corporate video “40 years BMW 3 series“:


Around the world in eighty days: International Corporate Video Productions in spring 2015

Our new fiscal year kicked off splendidly. Since February 2015 our BFI teams have been traveling around the world to produce corporate video posts and footage. For our customers SAP, BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche Consulting we have visited the following locations: Mallorca (Spain), Dublin (Ireland), Madrid (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Porto Alegre (Brazil), Kapstadt (South Africa), Miramas (Southern France) Shanghai (China), Jakarta (Indonesia), Apen (Germany), Orlando (USA), Las Vegas (USA), Walldorf, Hannover, Wolfsburg and München. Continue Reading..


The video quality of the new Nikon D4: Welcome to filming?

D4_VideoWe can hardly wait to test the video capability of the Nikon D4, which was advertised on 5th January. One of the most exciting features will be the apparently “uncompressed video signal” at the HDMI output: can we expect 10bit colour depth with a chroma subsampling of at least 4:2:2? What about the Moiré susceptibility when filming grids and patterns? (The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is infamous for this).

Is the internal image processor so powerful and configurable that you can use the H.264 *.mov file immediately? That would be a real blessing for a fast workflow! How well does the aperture adjustment work with a moving camera?

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Corporate films rethought

This presentation was made on 29.11.2011 at the Querdenker Congress in Munich.

On the occasion of today’s presentation at the Querdenker Congress, I would like to show you some – in my view – successful films by companies, and to tell you a little about their respective backgrounds. The films are not all by us, but have been produced by various companies and agencies. I have chosen these films because they are all in “landscape and horizontal format”. By showing you these films, I would like to demonstrate the power and importance of films as a means of conveying emotional messages. For: films are not just landscape/horizontal in terms of their dimensions (previously 4:3; now even 16:9). Above all, they need to have a landscape/horizontal format in terms of their content so that they can achieve their full effect.

This was also the case when advertisement films from the weekly cinema show first appeared on televisions in living rooms and continued their triumph as conveyors of companies’ messages. The première took place on the Bayerische Rundfunk on 3rd November 1956: the TV advertisement was born. With Beppo Brem and Lisl Karlstadt in the leading roles, Germany’s first TV commercial flickered across the airways. The film can be viewed on the Henkel website.


Besides its unusually long length (57 seconds), the advert has a real horizontal format in terms of its content: yet it doesn’t feature the product being advertised at any time. This was a real innovation in advertising films at the time.
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Apple: The silent departure from the professional sector

klapprechnerIt was a wonderful time when Apple still cared about media professionals. Developers from the distant Cupertino sought to get close to us media makers and were in a position to develop groundbreaking software following a successful dialogue with us. Solutions such as the compositing software Shake or the video editing software Final Cut Pro (FCP), which were enthusiastically received by the industry. Top dogs like the Avid Media Composer were knocked off the number one spots amongst the NLE solutions. The laborious and difficult exchange with the media professionals proved to be more than worthwhile for Apple: the alliance with us media makers was decisive for the successful development of Apple’s brand image.

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Flip cam and co.: mini camcorders enhance company films

flip-ultra-hdThis article could also be entitled “The Rise and Fall of the Flip Cam”. For, as quickly as Cisco said goodbye to its camera department in spring of this year, which it had only acquired two years previous (for a lot of money), companies accepted the viewpoint that consumer (HD!) video recorders can only provide very specialised – and as such, only occasionally suitable – material in the business environment.

For me, the strength of these small, wonder devices lies solely in the fact that you can film with them almost without being seen. Capturing current events spontaneously from the heart of the action: this is the domain of flip cams and consorts. The targeted use of images and sound captured in this way in corporate videos can help to create authenticity and believability. Flip cams, iPhones and similar devices are, then, completely suitable for use in the corporate video environment – as sources for parts of a company film, but never as the only piece of production equipment. For the trade-off in image and sound quality when using one of these cameras is massive: it is impossible to shoot long, shake-free takes due to the lack of image stabiliser, the low camera weight and the lack of a stand (the tripod head would be three times larger than the size of the actual camera!) Another major disadvantage: the built-in microphones are not suitable for interviews and there are generally no connection options for professional microphones.

However, as soon as you can somehow find a way to work with a tripod or with an external microphone (and you always do this if you need professional results), the advantages of flip cams and similar devices disappear: you cannot film unnoticed and in the heart of the action anymore.

Mini camcorders increase the ways of creating emotional, authentic and, above all, spontaneously filmed video material in a unique way. However, mini cameras are not suitable for completely replacing professional video teams.