Video production in times of crisis

studio camera and set“What, you’re still producing corporate videos globally – how do you do that?”, I was asked with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, for one thing, videos are not contagious, even if they go viral at best. When producing videos, there are however some things to consider when it comes to curfews and health measures.

That’s why we offer our customers alternatives to “camera team on-site shootings”, e.g. remote customer testimonials and interviews via Skype or Zoom, VBlogs with customer video footage, stock footage and professional voiceover.

Monitoring video feedsWe produce studio shows with presenters , broadcast keynotes via live stream , enable interactive talk formats with customers, live connections to guest speakers and experts and we produce demos.

Our graphic artists are creative when it comes to adding visual effects, producing SnapFact videos, animating interviews in comic style or creating entirely animated podcasts from interviews.
In addition, our network of camera crews and producers in 46 countries enables us to shoot clients remotely – wherever this is possible again already.

So that’s how we produce corporate videos even in times of travel restrictions. And that goes without any risk of infection!

Live Studio Production


Film production schedules and guinea foul eggs

The film location: exotic; the costing: tight; the anticipation: huge! As part of an extensive corporate video project, I was sent, together with my production coordinator Kathrin, to Ghana, West Africa.

Conduct interviews, shoot footage, spend nine days on the road with the camera team living in each others’ pockets – all of this was clear before the journey began. The German filming schedule worked out, the budget approved, the flights booked, the team briefed; we flew south full of enthusiasm.

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