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Much Ado About Nothing – A Visit at the CMCX in Munich

Whether it was the citywide advertising in Munich, the omnipresent marketing on the Internet (“Europe’s supposedly biggest content marketing event”) or the current hype about the topic ‘content’ – I had high expectations for the Content Marketing Conference & Exposition (CMCX) held in Munich. Much too high, as it turned out.

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Corporate films rethought

This presentation was made on 29.11.2011 at the Querdenker Congress in Munich.

On the occasion of today’s presentation at the Querdenker Congress, I would like to show you some – in my view – successful films by companies, and to tell you a little about their respective backgrounds. The films are not all by us, but have been produced by various companies and agencies. I have chosen these films because they are all in “landscape and horizontal format”. By showing you these films, I would like to demonstrate the power and importance of films as a means of conveying emotional messages. For: films are not just landscape/horizontal in terms of their dimensions (previously 4:3; now even 16:9). Above all, they need to have a landscape/horizontal format in terms of their content so that they can achieve their full effect.

This was also the case when advertisement films from the weekly cinema show first appeared on televisions in living rooms and continued their triumph as conveyors of companies’ messages. The première took place on the Bayerische Rundfunk on 3rd November 1956: the TV advertisement was born. With Beppo Brem and Lisl Karlstadt in the leading roles, Germany’s first TV commercial flickered across the airways. The film can be viewed on the Henkel website.


Besides its unusually long length (57 seconds), the advert has a real horizontal format in terms of its content: yet it doesn’t feature the product being advertised at any time. This was a real innovation in advertising films at the time.
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