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Karma – rationally explained

What’s hidden behind the terms “good karma” or “bad karma”? Our video “Karma – rationally explained” provides the answer – short, catchy and entertaining. But the film not only explains the spiritual principle behind karma, it also shows what is possible in the area of digital effects to develop contemporary and entertaining films.

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“Ideas set in motion”: Bavaria Film with New Image Film

From late 2016 Bavaria Film has presented itself with a new brand, a contemporary as well as innovative new presence in the market. Through a retouch of the logo, the new motto “Ideas set in motion” and the relaunch of the website, we have given the image of Bavaria Film a further edge and have positioned the company as an attractive motion picture producer in the market.

Apart from the logo retouch, the new motto and the website relaunch, a new image film has also been introduced as one of the essential parts shaping the new brand image. We’ve produced the clip together with Bavaria Film Interactive.

Development and production of an image film are ambitious projects in every company. Not surprisingly perhaps, as the film needs to feature the core branding message of a company and – as the name suggests – establish and convey a company’s image.

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#justreleased – TV Commercial for weeCONOMY

We had a lot of fun with the production of the new TV commercial for the company weeCONOMY! THE STARS: The two Dalmatians Sly and Zora. Watch the finished TV spot here:

As we were busy with the actual filming of the spot, we would like to thank Fabian Schmidt-Lademann of weeCONOMY for providing this making-of-video:


Making-of TV Commerical weeConomy

On the film set of the new TV-Spot of weeConomy