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Video production in times of crisis

studio camera and set“What, you’re still producing corporate videos globally – how do you do that?”, I was asked with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, for one thing, videos are not contagious, even if they go viral at best. When producing videos, there are however some things to consider when it comes to curfews and health measures.

That’s why we offer our customers alternatives to “camera team on-site shootings”, e.g. remote customer testimonials and interviews via Skype or Zoom, VBlogs with customer video footage, stock footage and professional voiceover.

Monitoring video feedsWe produce studio shows with presenters , broadcast keynotes via live stream , enable interactive talk formats with customers, live connections to guest speakers and experts and we produce demos.

Our graphic artists are creative when it comes to adding visual effects, producing SnapFact videos, animating interviews in comic style or creating entirely animated podcasts from interviews.
In addition, our network of camera crews and producers in 46 countries enables us to shoot clients remotely – wherever this is possible again already.

So that’s how we produce corporate videos even in times of travel restrictions. And that goes without any risk of infection!

Live Studio Production


BMW accessories perfectly presented

“Terres Noires – “Black earths” is the mythtical name for the fascinating hilly landscapes of black slate gravel in Provence. This is the setting for the new spot for BMW Accessories and Specialized. An action-packed film that triggers the spirit of adventure in us with breathtaking biking scenes and nature shots. Not only the strong Specialized bikes were perfectly presented. Also impressive: BMW’s stylish and practical accessories such as bicycle holders and floor mats.Continue Reading..


Karma – rationally explained

What’s hidden behind the terms “good karma” or “bad karma”? Our video “Karma – rationally explained” provides the answer – short, catchy and entertaining. But the film not only explains the spiritual principle behind karma, it also shows what is possible in the area of digital effects to develop contemporary and entertaining films.

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Cartoon animation vs. live action: Know, how to decide

Present complex topics in a simple manner. Communicate dry information in a fresh way. Who doesn’t want this? Everyone can do boring – especially when it comes to How-To videos! But the decision of working with animation or live action, needs to be carefully considered.

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Morphing put into Practice – The Holo-Stylus Teaser for Holo-Light

Properly executed, morphing offers endless possibilities for transforming one person into another. But this special effect also has its pitfalls. Using a promotional teaser for the latest product from Holo-Light, we show you how to create this special effect successfully .

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Better Than Reality? Advantages and disadvantages of virtual learning worlds

Just let your imagination go wild… Virtual Reality (VR) allows a fascinating view into what will be possible in the future. Like in Star Trek we might be able to relax in ‘Holosuites’, meet imaginary people from the past and decide what we want to do where and when. The imagination has no limits – the implementation, however, still has.

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Our image clip for Bavaria Film wins gold in Cannes!

The jury awarded Bavaria Film’s “Ideas set in motion” with the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award in Gold.

We are of course very happy that this “in-house commissioned production” is so well received and congratulate Bavaria Film on choosing the right production agency!

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How Beautiful Images Become an Emotional Experience. A Little Excursion into the World of Working with Images.

When we think about films with strong images, there’s usually quite a few feature films and film productions that pop into our mind. Many of the aspects that work in feature films can be transferred to our work as well, as a corporate video needs strong, visual means and a powerful narrative to achieve a memorable storyline.

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“Ideas set in motion”: Bavaria Film with New Image Film

From late 2016 Bavaria Film has presented itself with a new brand, a contemporary as well as innovative new presence in the market. Through a retouch of the logo, the new motto “Ideas set in motion” and the relaunch of the website, we have given the image of Bavaria Film a further edge and have positioned the company as an attractive motion picture producer in the market.

Apart from the logo retouch, the new motto and the website relaunch, a new image film has also been introduced as one of the essential parts shaping the new brand image. We’ve produced the clip together with Bavaria Film Interactive.

Development and production of an image film are ambitious projects in every company. Not surprisingly perhaps, as the film needs to feature the core branding message of a company and – as the name suggests – establish and convey a company’s image.

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Say it with cartoons

Mark, a fun guy with great hair and sneakers, explains the topic “secure server connection” to his interested audience. Something that I would need at least 5 minutes for, he can do in 20 seconds. How does it work? Mark is the main character in an illustrated and animated explanatory video (character animation).

Whoever plans an animated explanatory film needs a character like Mark: A person who fits the company, has a certain depth, can be used exclusively and long-term for the company.

Character Animation Bavaria Film Interactive

Mark explains complex topics to his audience*

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