It is our passion making your brand a true experience. Therefore, we challenge and transform established ways of communications. Because we want your business to have a sustainable impact. To achieve that we cultivate an environment of innovative solutions, exceptional talents and creative partners.



Our employees complement each other to shape a 360-degree-portfolio of outstanding skills. Each employee is an expert in his or her field, always keen on spotting trends and innovations before they happen. We’re a diverse company in terms of mindsets and competences. We love what we do; therefore, delivering the best solution to each of our clients is core to all of us.

Products & Services

Our products help your brand become a true experience for both your internal and external audiences. We produce high-quality corporate films in various formats and with large as well as smaller scopes. Our consulting services aim at ensuring your sustainable communication planning. These include strategic development, film production, as well as distribution and post-launch-analytics of your content.

Global Network

Think global, act local. Especially for international projects, we harvest our global creative network of media experts. This approach allows us to deliver high quality on an international level together with a competitive pricing.

Bavaria Film Group

As a subsidiary of the Bavaria Film Group we are part of one of the most renowned media companies in Europe. Being located at the heart of the Bavaria Film campus, we have direct access to the studios, equipment and expertise of one of the largest European film and TV production sites. While the Group’s core business mainly is focusses on TV and cinema highlights of tomorrow, Bavaria Film Interactive exclusively serves the audiovisual communication needs of corporations. We provide innovative and state-of-the-art services, also on an international level.

Holistic Approach

Bavaria Film Interactive combines the advantages of both agency and production company. We advise companies regarding their communication strategy. At the same time, we provide the skills and resources to realize projects. We pursue a holistic approach to a project, making sure everyone keeps track of the target.

Our Values

  • Trust
  • Drive
  • Teamplay
  • Open mindset
  • Flexibility
  • Sustainability

For both our clients and our employees, we are a trustworthy partner.
We keep our word.

We care about what we do and how we do it: always full of motivation and energy.

We live team play and loyalty, both within our teams and with our customers and service providers. We always offer a helping hand or advice.

We are innovative and creative; therefore we value every thought. No matter how far-fetched it may seem at first.

Flexibility is a must in the film industry. We are used to last minute changes, therefore we always keep a flexible mindset and a solution-oriented approach. For our team the work-life-balance is not a vision, it is a given.

Bavaria Film Group is the first film production campus worldwide to offer a climate-neutral production environment. At Bavaria Film Interactive, we add another aspect to sustainability: we aim for the sustainable success of our customers.