The ‘Netiquette’ of Bavaria Film Interactive GmbH – Basic Rules for a Friendly Atmosphere and a Fact-Based Dialogue

We’ve been producing films for renowned companies around the world since 1995. Our distinctive corporate video productions make brand messages tangible and create relevance for the target groups of our customers.

Please do take advantage of our social media offer and our corporate website. Please inform yourself about current topics in the filmmaking business, do discuss them and exchange ideas. But don’t forget that everyone has the right to his or her individual opinion. And we’d like you to treat other users as you would like to be treated yourself. So please keep the conversation open and friendly and always remember that you deal with people and not with virtual personalities. Contributions are allowed in German and English. Thank you for supporting us and for discussing fairly and objectively.

We reserve the right to remove comments without giving a reason, if their content is:

  • unlawful
  • pornographic
  • extremist
  • inflammatory
  • racist
  • sexist
  • promoting violence
  • discriminatory
  • offensive
  • harmful to our business or reputation
  • inappropriate
  • confidential

Or could in any way prompt criminal offences or violate personal rights. There won’t be any discussion about deleted comments.

Not allowed are:

Links to external websites
Direct links are not possible in the comment function. If you would like to refer to a website, please make sure that the publication does not contain unlawful content or content that doesn’t comply with our netiquette. If this rule is violated, we dissociate ourselves from all content on the linked pages. Links that do not meet our rules will be deleted.

for demonstrations, campaigns and rallies – regardless of political, religious or any other orientation.

Commercial or private offers of goods and services
Comments are not advertising spaces. Please refrain from posting your site, blog or service in your comments.

Violation of copyright
Copyright prohibits bypassing copy protection and downloading illegally from the Internet. We do not tolerate the use of programs that allow this. The same applies to: tips on Warez (pirated software) and / or infringement of copyright, the publishing of unauthorized downloads and tips regarding Internet pages, that offer this kind of software. Postings, which violate this, will be deleted and the user warned or blocked.

Violation of existing law
If we are aware of any contributions that violate existing law, they will be removed or corrected. We reserve the right to withdraw the permission to post from individual users either temporarily or completely. Readers who repeatedly violate our ‘Netiquette’ will be excluded and their access deleted.

To use and comment on social media and on websites of Bavaria Film Interactive, different types of registration are required – depending on the platform. We have no influence on this. We recommend that all users handle personal data with care and make use of all options to protect their privacy as best as possible.

Users who violate the rules of our “Netiquette” can be excluded from participation in the discussions. We reserve the right to make changes to and amend these basic rules at any time without notice.

We are looking forward to a constructive and critical exchange of opinions!

Effective: 12 June 2017