We turn content into film for large enterprises and for international brands.
Our expertise: distinctive corporate video formats and video management systems.
Our differentiation: international locations and global audiences.

We tailor corporate video formats to the communication aims of internationally operating companies and their target groups and create a distinct programme around these formats.

Our Corporate Video Publisher platform creates transparency and allows users to control video content both internally and externally. The media asset management system stores, transcodes and distributes videos and metadata to people, servers, websites and applications.

We advise companies on devising strategies built around moving images.
Helping companies to optimally package their message in films is one of our main focus (marketing, PR, recruitment).
We show how well-made explanatory films can reduce the cost of basic and advanced vocational training (educational and qualification measures).
How to use a video platform solution to centrally store all of a company’s films and publish them across the globe is part of our business.