Around the world in eighty days: International Corporate Video Productions in spring 2015

Our new fiscal year kicked off splendidly. Since February 2015 our BFI teams have been traveling around the world to produce corporate video posts and footage. For our customers SAP, BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche Consulting we have visited the following locations: Mallorca (Spain), Dublin (Ireland), Madrid (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Porto Alegre (Brazil), Kapstadt (South Africa), Miramas (Southern France) Shanghai (China), Jakarta (Indonesia), Apen (Germany), Orlando (USA), Las Vegas (USA), Walldorf, Hannover, Wolfsburg and München. Continue Reading..


Bavaria Film Interactive gains
3 year contract

Bavaria Film Interactive will produce BMW TV for three more years.
The Munich-based production company again excelled the competition for the budget for BMW TV international and, in addition, gained the budget for BMW TV for the German market. Since 2007 Bavaria Film Interactive has been producing videos for the international Version of BMW TV. “We are proud to take over the responsibility for the German BMW TV market as well. This reflects our customer- oriented approach and confirms our competitiveness”, said Managing Director Lars Reckmann.
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Trifecta for the King

Bavaria Film Interactive is happy for our third silver prize for the King! Meant is of course our spot about the BMW Concept M4 Coupé – LONG LIVE THE KING. What better occasion than to offer you an exclusive insight into the production of this spot.

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Boat to boat instead of car to car: BMW Marine 507

When filming for BMW we normally film with a camera car. Mid-September 2014 we had a completely different approach. The star of our production was the BMW Marine 507 speedboat, built in 1957.Continue Reading..


Bouncing Image Capture

The Commercial shooting in Studio 6. Focuses on the bright-illuminated, 170 square metre wide set and its main actor: a brand-new BMW 3 Gran Turismo. As is usually the case in fashion model shooting, the vehicle has been perfectly spotlighted from every side. There were beauty-shots in front of a neutral background, long shots and close-ups. Shots, which are not possible everywhere. Studio size and setting have to match. The studio offers the profound basis required for such a complex commercial shooting.


In early 2013, Studio 6 was upgraded to become a multifunctional studio to allow the special demands for commercial shootings. Its core highlight is a 13 x 13 metre wide and 6 metre tall infinity cove. Its standard colour is white but it can also receive a different colour paint, as desired. Included into the standard equipment are basic lighting as well as a 12 x 6 metre wide textile sail. This makes the studio one of the largest, ready-to-shoot and best equipped studios in Munich.

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Camera car and road closures: Filming in Spain

As Bavaria Film Interactive, we do not just produce in Munich, we also regularly find ourselves abroad. For me, as a “newcomer” producer, communication with the Bavarian production partners on location is not always easy. But a production that is completely managed outside of German-speaking countries can lead to some quite amusing misunderstandings.


For example, it is almost impossible to close a rural country road to film cars in Spain if you don’t speak Spanish. This added to the fact that not one of us had suspected that the bureaucracy for filming in Spain would be even worse than it is in Germany. Thousands of safety regulations are enough to drive you mad.
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Polar production: daylight is precious!

Exotic film locations are one of the attractive advantages of persuading customers to produce a film at these locations. But not because “it’s fun”; instead, because otherwise the planned story just wouldn’t work. For our project this meant: what do you do when you need massive amounts of snow in the middle of a rainy, grey Bavarian November?

One possible solution that sometimes works: quickly create a Christmassy landscape sugar-coated with snow in the studio next door! This isn’t impossible, but in this case, impossibly expensive. In our case, it was easier, more practical and in actual fact cheaper to fly to Lapland in November. There weren’t any direct flights: Munich-Helsinki, an overnight at the airport, and then on to northern Finland the next day. A long, long way north – Murmansk is, so to speak, right next door.
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