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“Ideas set in motion”: Bavaria Film with New Image Film

From late 2016 Bavaria Film has presented itself with a new brand, a contemporary as well as innovative new presence in the market. Through a retouch of the logo, the new motto “Ideas set in motion” and the relaunch of the website bavaria-film.de, we have given the image of Bavaria Film a further edge and have positioned the company as an attractive motion picture producer in the market.

Apart from the logo retouch, the new motto and the website relaunch, a new image film has also been introduced as one of the essential parts shaping the new brand image. We’ve produced the clip together with Bavaria Film Interactive.

Development and production of an image film are ambitious projects in every company. Not surprisingly perhaps, as the film needs to feature the core branding message of a company and – as the name suggests – establish and convey a company’s image.

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#justreleased – TV Commercial for weeCONOMY

We had a lot of fun with the production of the new TV commercial for the company weeCONOMY! THE STARS: The two Dalmatians Sly and Zora. Watch the finished TV spot here:

As we were busy with the actual filming of the spot, we would like to thank Fabian Schmidt-Lademann of weeCONOMY for providing this making-of-video:


Making-of TV Commerical weeConomy

On the film set of the new TV-Spot of weeConomy



Well Briefed is Half the Battle Won

Video has emerged as an effective medium of communication. But to get started with such a project, the client needs to have a good briefing.

Writing a briefing is paying off in the long run. In all honesty! Admittedly, it costs time and effort, but it gives you a clear view of the project, the objectives and the related tasks. And that will pay off in the course of the project. You’ll be able to plan the project wisely and reduce the questions and misunderstandings of all parties to a minimum. It also helps the potential production companies to deliver a reliable cost estimate.

Reality shows, however, that writing briefings is not very popular. Where to begin and where to stop? What is the bare minimum and what is over the top?

We’ve assembled the most important aspects in a short brief for you.

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Advertising Meets Realism: Why ‘Documercials’ Can Be So Successful

‘Documercials’ are a film format that was developed in the USA in the mid-1980s and is growing in popularity in Europe as well. The protagonists in ‘documercials’ are ordinary people – someone like you and me. Instead of flawless models or actors we see people who have wrinkles and sometimes pimples. They struggle with real worries and problems. They achieve goals that we can achieve as well. The mix of advertising and documentary doesn’t use any fairy-tale-scenarios, but focuses on real life. This authentic performance reflects onto the company / organisation / brand / product. The reference to something real creates a “I know that” – or “That’s how I feel as well” moment. This is refreshing, devastating, moving – and believable. And that’s why well-made ‘documercials’ are very successful. However, what seems to happen randomly and feels authentic, is often well cast and precisely planned. The boundaries between genuine documentary and staged content are blurred. The reality is created by the issues that companies and organisations prescribe.

#FuckThePoor: Film production about a social experiment organised by “The Pilion Trust”, an aid organisation that fights homelessness in the UK.
The organisation’s YouTube clip has been clicked nearly 5 million times. (Source: unit9.com, YouTube)

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“Let’s Go Viral, Please!”

“The film needs to be really successful.” When I hear this sentence from customers, I generally know what many of them have in mind: a viral Internet sensation. Spots that are clicked as much as possible, “liked” and shared, and that seem to spread by themselves on the Web. The nature of the film and the content that needs to be conveyed are often secondary in such a briefing. Usually that means that we’ve got to go right back to the beginning again and discuss the message of the film. Viral spots are not suitable for every topic and not for every client. This is the case when there are quite a few topics or when these are simply too complex. An explanatory video or editorial video usually couldn’t be further away from a viral, but it might still be the most appropriate way to transport the content.

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Trifecta for the King

Bavaria Film Interactive is happy for our third silver prize for the King! Meant is of course our spot about the BMW Concept M4 Coupé – LONG LIVE THE KING. What better occasion than to offer you an exclusive insight into the production of this spot.

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Bouncing Image Capture

The Commercial shooting in Studio 6. Focuses on the bright-illuminated, 170 square metre wide set and its main actor: a brand-new BMW 3 Gran Turismo. As is usually the case in fashion model shooting, the vehicle has been perfectly spotlighted from every side. There were beauty-shots in front of a neutral background, long shots and close-ups. Shots, which are not possible everywhere. Studio size and setting have to match. The studio offers the profound basis required for such a complex commercial shooting.


In early 2013, Studio 6 was upgraded to become a multifunctional studio to allow the special demands for commercial shootings. Its core highlight is a 13 x 13 metre wide and 6 metre tall infinity cove. Its standard colour is white but it can also receive a different colour paint, as desired. Included into the standard equipment are basic lighting as well as a 12 x 6 metre wide textile sail. This makes the studio one of the largest, ready-to-shoot and best equipped studios in Munich.

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Delivering Tomorrow. The future in 3D.

No-one knows what the future will bring and yet merited experts continue to develop scenarios in their various studies to show us how our world could look and function in a few decades’ time. The Deutsche Post DHL is also focusing on the future with a topic that is of special interest to them: logistics in the year 2050. The related study presents five possible “worlds”, which we were able to bring to life using film.

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Camera car and road closures: Filming in Spain

As Bavaria Film Interactive, we do not just produce in Munich, we also regularly find ourselves abroad. For me, as a “newcomer” producer, communication with the Bavarian production partners on location is not always easy. But a production that is completely managed outside of German-speaking countries can lead to some quite amusing misunderstandings.


For example, it is almost impossible to close a rural country road to film cars in Spain if you don’t speak Spanish. This added to the fact that not one of us had suspected that the bureaucracy for filming in Spain would be even worse than it is in Germany. Thousands of safety regulations are enough to drive you mad.
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Film production schedules and guinea foul eggs

The film location: exotic; the costing: tight; the anticipation: huge! As part of an extensive corporate video project, I was sent, together with my production coordinator Kathrin, to Ghana, West Africa.

Conduct interviews, shoot footage, spend nine days on the road with the camera team living in each others’ pockets – all of this was clear before the journey began. The German filming schedule worked out, the budget approved, the flights booked, the team briefed; we flew south full of enthusiasm.

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