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“Don’t film with animals or children! Correct or not?”

“The two Dobermans race down the street like two dark arrows, closely chasing a man. Their fledged teeth and loud barking seem menacing.” This is what the script tells us. To actually get there, however, can be a long, partly amusing but mainly educational journey.

Studioproduktion TVC weeCONOMY“Don’t shoot with animals or children!”
On the set you get an idea of what this old film rule is all about. The smallest of your concerns is that the four-legged stars could steal someone’s show. Rather, everything takes longer and the regulations are strict. And even stricter when children are involved. Many permits have to be obtained and it depends on the age of the children, how long they are allowed on set and these times need to be recorded in the schedule. Fortunately it is easier with animals – but still subject to approval according to § 11 I S. 1 No. 3b of the Animal Protection Act. Of course a good animal trainer knows this and what is important on set. Would you like a little tester?

Feeding and petting forbidden
Everyone loves to play with animals, especially dogs. The ones on set, however, cannot be petted. “No stroking and no feeding,” says the animal trainer as it disturbs their concentration. And as their concentration is quickly lost, the animals should be brought onto the set only when everything and everyone is actually ready to film.

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