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YouTube and corporate videos: not a match made in heaven

It happens quickly; often during the very first discussion: As soon as a company wants to create a video for marketing or information purposes, one question always emerges. Even before the first line of the briefing or storyboard has been written: how do we get the film online – on YouTube? The brow is furrowed, the eyes wide open: the desire for a quick, clear answer is written in the face.

corporatevideohostingI’m sorry, this will be a big disappointment, but there is no simple answer to this question. But, a short summary.
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The universal video format for speed in 2011

Video encoding is a blessing. These days, cinema-quality films can be distributed by every Tom, Dick and Harry via widespread DSL connections. DVD quality can be achieved via cellular networks. However, those encoding the videos can face a lot of stress, as choosing the right video format is anything but easy.

SchnelleFormatMausEvery device category, every operating system, every browser and every cable quality demands a different video file in order to achieve the best possible quality and straightforward circulation. And both desktop and mobile platforms are in a state of constant flux. In the desktop world, Adobe Flashplayer has represented an appreciated piece of continuity for simple video playback over the last few years. Until Steve Jobs told the world, iPad in hand, that the Flashplayer was no longer needed and, in doing so, startled the guardians of the mobile platforms and the desktop video world.
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