Stefanie Brakel

stefanie.brakel [at]

Bilgin Diril
Postproduction Artist

Postproduction Artist with a photographic eye for the essence.

Bilgin.Diril [at]

Birgit Dorner

Birgit.Dorner [at]

Felix Eichelsdörfer
Motion Graphics Artist / Multimedia Cutter

felix.eichelsdoerfer [at]

Frederik Fernow
Motion Graphic Artist

Frederik.Fernow [at]

Julia Ferstl
Digital Artist

Back in October 2012, Julia started as an intern at Bavaria Film Interactive in Munich. Having finished her degree in media production and technology, she started working as a Digital Artist in our Wolfsburg office. In January 2018 she returned to Munich.

Julias main task is to create and animate motion graphics. In doing that, she follows one motto: keep it simple and stupid.

What her colleagues don´t know about her: Julia plays the German flute.

Julia.Ferstl [at]

Kathrin Garofalo
Production Manager

After her apprenticeship as Industrial Management Assistant at Bavaria Film, Kathrin joined Bavaria Film Interactive.

Since 2008 she has been managing all production-related tasks of the SAP Department. Kathrin manages our international network and is the main contact person for all our international service partners.

What her colleagues don’t know about her: Ever since she was little, she loved horses and till today she enjoys a good day out horse riding.

Kathrin.Garofalo [at]

Ulrike Gasse
Production Manager

Ulrike joined the Bavaria Film Interactive team in Wolfsburg in 2013. She manages all production aspects of Volkswagen TV, oversees all ongoing productions and ensures a smooth flow from beginning to end. It is with a sharp eye that she manages all personnel and material ressources.

What her colleagues don’t know about her: Ulrike is a big fan of flea markets and record stores, where she searches for exceptional and exotic records.

Ulrike.Gasse [at]

Manuel Gilbert
Head of Postproduction

Manuel joined Bavaria Film Interactive in 1997, during the lively start-up phase of “V!A”, the satellite-based company television station for HypoVereinsbank. Initially working as editor, he now handles everything to do with postproduction at the BFI.

What his colleagues don’t know: Back in the 90s Manuel acted as DoP for a student film production, where he worked with an Arri SR-2 16 mm camera. An experience he wouldn’t want to miss, no matter the technical advancements of the 21st century.

Manuel.Gilbert [at]

Janet Gräßler
Senior Producer

Janet is part of our Wolfsburg team since 2013. She is a producer for training and product videos for both Volkswagen Passenger Cars and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and especially likes the diversity of topics within Volkswagen TV.

Janet handles the entire scope of a Volkwagen TV production, from initial briefing, to scripting, production, post-production and final approval cycles.

What her colleauges don’t know about her: writing has been a passion of Janet ever since her days at school and if she hadn’t decided to pursue writing, then maybe today she’d call a flower shop her own.

Janet.Graessler [at]

Enrico Gutzmer
Postproduction Artist

Enno joined Bavaria Film Interactive in 2013. He is our “Swiss Army Knife” for the Wolfsburg team. He knows Volkswagen for over ten years and is a postproduction allrounder: he handles everything from Adobe Premiere, AVID and Final Cut, to Photoshop and After Effects.

In addition to his job as editor, he also takes care of the technical equipment, the IT infrastructure and also manages the technial aspects around studio productions.

Enrico.Gutzmer [at]

Eric Hansen

Eric.Hansen [at]

Christiane Herzog
Head of Creative Content

As Head of Creative Content, Christiane is in charge of the SAP Department of Bavaria Film Interactive.

After joining BFI in 2015; Christiane worked as Senior Producer and later as Deputy Project Lead managing national and international projects for our client SAP.

Christiane has a degree in Production and Media Business from the University of Television and Film in Munich.

What her colleagues know about her: Her preferred way to work is riding a racer bike.

Christiane.Herzog [at]

Johanna Hutt

Johanna.Hutt [at]

Amanda Klas
Assistenz der kaufm. Leitung

Amanda.Klas [at]

Jessica Klein
Head of Department

Since February 2020, Jessica is head of our Volkswagen TV Department in Wolfsburg. Her professional expertise is based on many years of project management in corporate TV and her work as an editor and producer for Bavaria Film Interactive.

What her colleagues may not know yet: As a competitive athlete and coach, Jessica spent her time on the judo mat. Today, she loves to climb high mountains and steep climbing walls.

Jessica.Klein [at]

Matthias Köhler
Concepter and Projectmanager Online Services

matthias.koehler [at]


Heike Krumma
Technical Translator & Team Assistant

"Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine"

Heike is part of our team in Wolfsburg since its foundation in 2013. She is our expert in translating technical texts and making sure all the details are correct.

In addition to that, she also handles any administrative tasks of our Wolfsburg office.

Heike.Krumma [at]

Tatjana Kurdelbaum
Motion Graphics Producer

tatjana.kurdelbaum [at]

Kathrina von Langen

Kathrina joined Bavaria Film Interactive in 2013 and works as Senior Producer for various clients. Her career started out in TV journalism, before she turned to corporate and imagefilm productions.

In 2015 her work on the “40 years BMW 3 Series” won the Golden Dolphin for the Best Corporate Video at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. In 2016 she won the Davey Award in silver for “Best Original Web Series” for the “BMW i3 Born Electrics” web series, for which she wrote the concept and lead the postproduction.

Kathrina.Langen [at]

Nadine Laule
Senior Producer

A new addition to the SAP department, Nadine Laule joined Bavaria Film Interactive as a producer in 2016. From pitch to post, she is responsible for the entire production process – transforming customer requests into compelling video messages.

Nadine gathered extensive production experience in the United States. For more than a decade she produced various video projects and television programs with credits including networks such as National Geographic, Discovery and The Smithsonian Channel. Her productions have placed her in unique and challenging situations all around the world: from a helicopter shoot over Mount Rushmore to the quest for a giant electric eel in the Amazon jungle of Peru.

What her colleagues don’t know about her:
Nadine is strangely attracted to water. Already as a small child, she would fall or jump into any watering hole in sight. That probably explains why she became a successful competitive swimmer in her teenage years. Today, it is her love for the ocean that is most pronounced. An enthusiastic diver she likes to go for a swim with whale sharks or threshers. Most likely she would have become a marine biologist in another life.

Nadine.Laule [at]

Jonas Liebhart
Manager Postproduction

After his studies of Digital Media, he joined Bavaria Film Interactive and has been a part of our team for over ten years now.  He started out as Postproduction Artist and Cameraman. Today, he manages our ever growing Motion Graphics and Postproduction Department together with Manuel Gilbert.

Jonas has his roots in the corporate and commercial still photography. He is passionate about creativity. Following his credo that “creativity is has the power to sense what is hidden, with a notion of the unthinkable and with that finally reach the impossible”, he values original and intelligent ideas and creative courage.

In his spare time, Jonas is both a true alpinist and a sea person. He enjoys alpine touring, mountain biking, sailing and surfing.  What only few colleagues know: Jonas has Spanish roots, thus he is an expert in red wine and tapas.

Jonas.Liebhart [at]

Anton Margraf
Senior Producer

Anton first came into touch with Bavaria Film Interactive during his apprenticeship as Media Designer at Bavaria Film. In 2015 he returned to the Filmgelände and joined BFI as Senior Producer in our BMW department, where he organises productions all over the world.

In his spare time, he is a passionate actor in the local improv theatre scene.

Anton.Margraf [at]

Marcus Meyer
Postproduction Artist

Marcus.Meyer [at]

Andreas Mokros
Software Developer

Andreas.Mokros [at]

Janin Morche
Assistant to the Managing Director

Having finished her apprenticeship at Coca-Cola and her studies at the VWA, Janin moved to Bavaria. She has been working for the Bavaria Film Group since 2002. In 2010 she joined Bavaria Film Interactive.

As assistant to the managing director, she is the go-between of all departments including our team in Wolfsburg. She is not only in charge of all administrative work at Bavaria Film Interactive, but most importantly also has an eye on the interpersonal well-being.

As a mother she is abig fan of her son’s football team, she enjoys yoga. Janin’s motto: Everything is possible. Therefore, she always keeps calm and puts her heart and passion into everything she does

Janin.Morche [at]

Chon-Dat Nguyen
Motion Graphic Artist

Chon-Dat is a Motion Graphic-Artist at Bavaria Film Interactive since 2014.  In this position, he is the one that brings objects to life, adds on VFX or removes whatever is not wanted in a shot.

Following up on his apprenticeship as Media Designer at Bavaria Film, Chon-Dat made a profession out of his hobby, as his many YouTube clips show.

Chon-Dat.Nguyen [at]

Siri Nitschke

Siri.Nitschke [at]

Antonella Pommella
Production Assistant

Antonella.Pommella [at]

Fabian Prager
Creative Editor

Fabian joined Bavaria Film Interactive in 2015. In his job as Creative Editor, he does much more than just adding shot after shot. He plays an active role in the creation of a film, adds basic motion graphics and gives the film its final touch in the colour grading.

Away from work, he is a junkie for pop culture and absorbs everything about it, from films, TV series, to comics and games. In summer he is out playing basketball, in winter he is out snowboarding.

Fabian.Prager [at]

Andreas Ramin
Teamleader Motion Graphics

Andreas joined our post-production department in October 2017 as Senior Motion Graphics Producer. With many years of experience producing and supervising international TV commercials and image films for high-profile clients such as 20th Century Fox, Disney, Deutsche Telekom, Audi, Mercedes and BMW he is a real asset to our company. As head of the motion graphics department Andreas coordinates our graphic artists, comes up with creative concepts and consults our clients and producers.

What many colleagues don’t know: in his free time he enjoys camping in the wild.

Andreas.Ramin [at]

Helene Römer
Executive Producer

Helene has been working for Bavaria Film Interactive since 2009. Today, she is Executive Producer for video projects of both SMEs and LEs. She is leading the production of various formats, including series, campaigns and imagefilms.

Helene deals with the requests of both new business customers and existing ones.

What her colleagues don’t know about her: During her time at school and university, Helene was an actress in both German and English-speaking drama groups. So a career in acting was not too far off…

Helene.Roemer [at]

Maximilian Schlick
Motion Graphic Artist

Maximilian has been with us since May 2017. As a motion graphic artist, he works on the design of moving graphics. He also creates 3D content and is a master of virtual reality.

What many colleagues might not know about him: As a hobby DJ, Maximilian is not only fast at the turntable, but also with the Rubik’s Cube. His personal record solving it is less than one minute!

Maximilian.Schlick [at]

Marion Schmidt
Senior Producer

As Senior Producer, Marion is part of the SAP creative team. She handles productions all over the globe with a focus on technology and innovation trends.  She loves working with diverse teams and people from all over the world on finding the best visual concepts for their message.

Marion has been a part of Bavaria Film for almost 20 years. In that time, she has worked on different formats and image videos for a variety of clients from all industries. She started out as studio manager for the daily employee TV program of HVB, which was produced live at our virtual studio from 1997 to 2002.

Marion.Schmidt [at]

Michael Schütz
Executive Producer

As Executive Producer, Michael is head of the SAP Department of Bavaria Film Interactive. In 2000 he left the “real” television to join Bavaria Film Interactive.

He is a known expert on audiovisual communication with a focus on innovation and international span.

What his colleagues don’t know about him: To ease any stress, he plays the drums, where his favorite genre is progressive metal.

Michael.Schuetz [at]

Jessica Seilnacht
Senior Producer

… she has been working for the Bavaria Film Interactive GmbH since 2010. She works worldwide as senior producer for our SAP department.

She discovered her passion for moving images during a five-year stay in the USA as a teenager. News, advertisements and magazines were presented in an interesting way there back in the 1980s.
Jessica has been working in the national and international TV and corporate TV industry since 1997. She looks after clients from their initial queries to the completion of the entire film.

Jessica, who has a diploma in Political Science and training as a TV editor, most enjoys working with business clients. Challenging topics, innovative products, creative film ideas and ambitious business partners from across the world – that is the corporate video world of today! Away from work, Jessica is currently refurbishing an old farm house in the suburbs of Munich. This is sure to be a great playground for her two kids!

Jessica.Seilnacht [at]

Mathias Stöbe
Director Online Services

Mathias studied Digital Media and Computer Science in Furtwangen. During this period, he discovered his enthusiasm for combining online media with digital video. In 1995, he co-founded a company to produce computer-generated 3D stills and animations together with two classmates.

Mathias joined Bavaria Film Interactive in 1998 as multimedia project manager, and supervised websites, learning programs and webcasts for over six years. Projects which mostly continued the multimedia roots of the Bavaria Film Interactive with a large portion of video material.

In 2004, he moved to other agencies and company consultancies, working as an information architect, a unit leader for a project management team, and as a consultant for new media.

In 2008, he returned to BFI as part of the management team. He specialises in online consultancy, concept work, implementation and operations of internal and external video sites and video asset management systems.

What his colleagues don’t know about him: he wrote his first program – a ticker generator – on an Intel 286 back in 1987.

Mathias.Stoebe [at]

Sönke Stute-Schlamme

soenke.stute-schlamme [at]

Julia Vazquez
Senior Producer

Julia has returned to her hometown Munich after 5 years in Los Angeles. Lucky for Bavaria Film Interactive and the SAP Department, where she started as a producer in June 2017!

What many colleagues might not know about her: Julia’s home is trilingual: When speaking with her Mexican husband she alternates between English, German and Spanish.

Julia.Vazquez [at]

Mark Wagener
Senior Producer

Mark joined BFI in 2013. He works as Senior Producer for our Volkswagen Department. He has a profound knowledge in the areas of direction, photography and storytelling.

His hometurf is putting complex technical content into a easy to understand films.

For that his expertise as technical producer is the perfect base. Even in his sparetime he is all into filmmaking. He is a passionate photographer and writes and directs  short films.

Mark.Wagener [at]

Nils van Well
Product Manager e-Learning

Nils has a penchant for tutorial films and explainer videos. His job is to expand the business of e-learning.

He once started out with the production of nature film series and environmental reports for the German television channels ZDF and 3sat. In 2001, he joined Bavaria Film Interactive as editor for SAP TV. Later he assisted various clients as Executive Producer.

Nils.vanWell [at]

Sabine Zimmermann

Sabine has been with Bavaria Film Interactive for over 20 years and is in charge of the controlling.  She always has an eye on numbers, while the rest of us prefer creativity. The Pippi Longstocking motto of “2×3 = 4” is luckily only interior design and not her way of book keeping. Sabine already got the house; monkey and horse are still to follow…

Sabine.Zimmermann [at]